Flash Manager version

Flash Manager version

The new Flash Manager comes with new features, including Flash videos playback
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The new Free Grounds Flash Manager comes with new features . Including Flash videos ( Flv , F4v) playback .
Now you can make unlimited playlists and also you can import /export them . Also the basic view of files for all the tools is changed into an advanced one .

Single Flash File Packager:
This tool let you package a flash file ( *.swf ; *.flv ; *.f4v ) into an executable file (*.exe) , and now you can pack additional files that the flash file uses (like settings , databases files or images) in one package with the flash file. You can do the packaging for multiple flash files at the same time.

Computer Drives Searcher :
Use this tool to search your computer drives for Flash files (*.swf ; *.flv ; *.f4v ) or search a folder of your choice.
No more ' not responding ' message , the tool now works well.

3)Temporary Internet Files Searcher :
This tool allows you to search the Temporary Internet Files for flash files ( *.swf ; *.flv ; *.f4v ).

4) Flash Files Downloader :
Use this tool to download flash files ( *.swf ; *.flv ; *.f4v ) from a webpage .
This tool is greatly improved and now it can download flash files almost from any webpage, and it still doesn't support encrypted paths.

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